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Now after the website is setup and after writing the articles, there is only one task for monetization, that is to get the approval of Google Adsense, so before taking approval, how to apply for Google Adsense correctly, it is important to know that So in this blog you will be told about the most simply way to apply for google adsense.

So simply before applying you need to know some basic things like privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us page in your website and also you have to take care of some important things.

To apply for google adsense you just have to follow few steps.

  • First of all you have to simply search in google “adsense” Then simply you have to click on the first link.
  • Second step you have to simply click on “Get started” button.
  • In the third step, you simply have to do yes to the options with your website’s url, email address, and “Get help google info”, this option will basically give you suggestions as to what is lacking in your performance.

So guys the goal of blogging is to get approval of google adsense and earn from it but the person who is a beginner has a lot of problem in getting approval of google adsense, To get the approval of Google adsense, you have to take care of some basic points which we will discuss in it.

1 Top level domain – The first important point that beginners avoid is the top level domain, basically beginners start by blogging for free from blogger and start their blogging and then get demoted if the approval is not approved. So you have to keep in mind that you always have to use top level domain only.

2 Content – Many new bloggers learn those things in the content that they do not even know, it means that you have to write content in the same niche in which you have knowledge or interest because if you have interest then you Google By collecting information from or from youtube, you will write content, but if you are not interested in any niche, then you will not be able to write articles in it for a long time.

3 SSL certificate – It is very important to have ssl certificate in your website to get google adsense approval whether you are using wordpress or blogger your website or blog must have ssl certificate.

4 Content After Apply – So basically many people avoid this thing especially those who are new bloggers, if you apply content after applying for adsense, then good signals go to google, then you get approval of AdSense easily.

5 Copyright free material – This is the fact that everyone is public, but still many people avoid this thing, so you have to keep this thing in your mind that the goal of google is to keep the experience of your users good, that is why Google will not store the copy content.

6) Google search console – Those who are new bloggers do not know a lot of things like registering their website in Google search console, etc. related information, so we have to register in google search console to verify our website in search engine. Is necessary

7) Pages is must – Having privacy policy, disclaimer, contact us pages in our website is very important because Google also checks pages on the time of AdSense approval. Many people do not pay attention to this factor, but this factor is the most important if your content is right, your website is right, but you have not put pages, then you will not get approval for advertising, then add pages to your website.

Why privacy policy is important for our website?

Why disclaimer is important?

Why contact us is important?

8 Write 10 to 15 content – While writing the article, you have to keep one thing in mind that the article should be of minimum 1000 words and there should be minimum 10 -15 content on your site, many people have this experience that your site gets approved in 4-5 content also. But you are recommended that you must write a minimum of 10 – 15 articles.

9 Don’t focus on traffic – A lot of people believe that the website must have traffic for google adsense approval, but this is not the case at all, even if your website is getting few visitors, you can still get approval in the website, just your content should be unique. Or whatever material you are using should be absolutely unique.

Conclusion For google adsense approval, there are many factors, the basic factor is that your content should be unique and the rest you have to follow all the points that have been told to you and you have to practice more and more, which will increase your personal experience of some. And you will become an expert.

In this article, I will tell you what is footer and how to edit footer section of WordPress. how to remove copyright message from the footer.

All the websites have footers which are of different design and there is a section in the bottom of the website, which is the footer section.
You can easily edit the footer section, this one normally appears on all pages on your website. (how to edit footer in WordPress)

In WordPress theme development, the footer area of ​​a website is usually defined in the template file footer.php. In some themes, this area may have a widget area with many columns that you can use to add a WordPress widget.

appearance = weight can add a new page to the weight, then he can also edit the page. You can edit the footer section with weight You can also add text images from it after editing, you can see that it is correct or not and you can edit it again.

manage with live preview

You can edit the live footer section. There is an option in the footer section. Live manage benefits are that you can see what changes you are making, then you keep it as you like. Manage with live preview, you can set the entire website, not just the footer, you can change the logo and set the header.


  • General

The composition remains in the settings of the footer section, the composition remains in the general, which you can set how many columns should remain in the footer section of your Website and that should be the top to bottom of your website.

  • color

There is an option in the footer section which is the color of the footer section, what should be the color of the heading title, you can set it at your own will. What should be the background color, what should be the text color, you can set it according to your own. You can add background images, you can set the background images to be not repeated, they can also be set.

  • modules

With models you can set a lot of options By downloading the Mailchimp plugin, you use this show newsletter option and Show Patreon To do this option, you have to download the AdAce plugin, then you can use this option. You can also add profile links to social media in it

how to remove powered by wordpress

To remove it, you can go to your WordPress website and change it by changing the live theme customized to it.WordPress gives you the freedom to change it

1.using css you remove to powered by wordpress

  • First you have to login to the dashboard

You have to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress website, you can do all the settings of the website from the dashboard section.

  • Now you have to go into appearance

After login, you have to click on the appearance and after clicking in the appearance, you have to click in the theme editor. Now you have to select the theme which makes your website with the theme.

  • Search footer.php

You have to click footer.php, now you have to find the copyright section in the code. If you do not have any knowledge of coding, then you have to search from simple (Control + F) and search for what is written in your copyright section.

After embedding the copyright section, you can also change it and remove it. If you want to change it, then where the copyright section is written, you can write anything on your own and if you remove it then delete the section from it.