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In this article, I will share my personal strategy of affiliate marketing, how I earn money from amazon & Flipkart affiliates without investing in paid ads using youtube.

Before sharing strategy with you let me share some of Earning proof any which is my youtube channel to promote products.

flipkart affiliate payment
amazon affiliate payment


Let me ask you one question, If you want to buy an Laptop but you don’t know which laptop is good at also fit in your budget, now what you do?

I know you simply go to google search or YouTube and you search best laptop under 30,000. Now many of you preferred watching youtube videos instead of reading article and starting watching videos and youtubers provide link in their video description from their you buy laptop and they get comission.

Same i was making videos on laptop people search on YouTube, watch my videos and few of them buy laptop from my affiliate link, So i will get commission.

Affiliate link youtube video description

Power of youtube

So, my name is Vishal and for the last 3 years I am making youtube videos, In starting I am not serious and I was uploading anything on my youtube channel, I was getting some money from youtube monetization Nothing more, After some time I realize that uploading any type of content is not worthy.

So I decide to select my niche, and last year I was selecting my niche as a laptop, and I continuously uploading a video on laptops, helping other to find the best laptop on their budget, helping to solve error and bugs in the laptop, after continuously making videos on my niche, I actually realize that I was getting Enough Traffic and then I decided to start affiliate marketing.

Why youtube is best for affiliate marketing

Trust me Youtube is really great for affiliate marketing just you need to make good content on youtube You can make how-to videos Like – How to make eCommerce website , how to get SSL certificate and you earn Very good revenue from this technique you can promote digital products and earn up to 80% affiliate commission with digital products.

Type of videos for affiliate marketing

You can make comparison videos, Like Poco m3 vs realme 7, Hp vs dell which is a good brand for laptop, there are many more categories, Smart tv, smartwatch, laptops, camera, smartphone, Webhosting, software or any category in which you are interested, Choose that category which you actually love then start research and make videos on that category on youtube.

The interesting thing about youtube is youtube is 100% free and you can get very huge traffic from youtube if your content is good and also you consistently upload videos on youtube, you can’t get lakhs of views in a week you should wait for at least 6 months be patience and after few months you will get an amazing result.

Queries about Affiliate Marketing

Now if you have some Doubts Like how to make a youtube channel, How to select the right niche, or how to Join amazon, Flipkart, hosting, and many more other affiliate networks, then check the below links I have shared all useful Links


Before starting affiliate marketing you should remember that affiliate marketing takes time, if your new in this field or you are starting now, you should work harder to make your audience, make people trust you, It actually depends on you it can take few months or maybe few years.


But you should consistently work on your niche and be patient your hard work pays you a lot then your expectations, Affiliate marketing is the source of passive income, After 1 or 2 years even you upload videos once or twice a month, Still, you will generate Good Revenue.

More Free Platforms

There are many more social media platforms where you can do affiliate marketing for free like Quora, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and many more other networks are available.

Paid Ads

Also, You can run paid ads for affiliate marketing but here you need expertise in Facebook and Google ads to get profit otherwise your money gone waste on ads. First, you should learn about paid ads. You can run ads on Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, Quora ads, Linkedin ads any many more platforms are available.

I hope this article helps you to know how to do affiliate marketing with YouTube. If you have any queries or suggestions please comment below.

Hi, Friends so You want to earn money online with the Flipkart affiliate marketing program in 2021. So I am here to help you I am using Flipkart affiliate from the last 3 years and my last year earnings from Flipkart affiliate is around 6.7 lakh.

I will share with you all the details and information from scratch to advance from how to create a Flipkart affiliate account to how I earn from a Flipkart affiliate what strategy I apply.

How to Singup for flipkart affiliate in 2021

Unfortunately, Flipkart not accepting new affiliates since May 2018, But you can join the Flipkart affiliate Waiting list via this link: Flipkart affiliate waiting list.

Screenshot of flipkart affiliate waiting list

Great news is i have solution for this you can join cuelinks to promote flipkart products, Cuelinks is also a affiliate network where you can find a various products from many websites you can promote their products directly from cuelinks, Didn’t need to join each affiliate program separately.

Using Cuelinks you can Promote products of Flipkart , Amazon , hostinger , myntra, and many more thousands of websites, But cuelinks also take comission from you. Don’t worry it only takes some comission from your payment you dont need to pay to cuelinks from your pocket.

For example, If Someone buys a laptop worth Rs.20,000 from Flipkart using your affiliate link which was generated using cuelinks, now Flipkart gives commission of Rs.800 to cuelinks , now cuelinks takes Rs.100 and the rest Rs.700 you will get in Your bank Account.

Click Here To Join Cuelinks Affiliate Network

Selecting a niche for Flipkart affiliate marketing

Before selecting a niche you should remember 2 major points that help you to select a good niche, First in which category you are interested, and second is how much commission Flipkart is giving on that particular category.

After Successfully registered on Flipkart affiliate now you need to select a niche means a category of products that you want to promote, it a really important to select the right category or right niche to be a successful affiliate marketer.

You can select a niche based on your interest, for example, I am a techy person I have knowledge about laptops and mobile phones so I can select my niche as a mobile phone or laptop.


New Customer Order*Existing Customer OrderNew Customer Order*Existing Customer Order
Grocery- Flipkart Supermart (Live in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bengaluru)18%3%18%3%
Furniture (Bed, Sofa, Shoe Cabinet, Bookshelf, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Bean Bag, Stool, TV Mount, Coffee Table, Office Study table etc..)10%8%10%8%
Fashion & Lifestyle Categories (Bags, Wallets & Belts, Clothing, Eyewear, Footwear , Kids Accessories, Sunglasses, Watches, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Kids’ Clothing, Women’s Footwear, Kids’ & Infant Footwear, Men’s Footwear, Women Ethnic Wear, Women Western Wear, Women Lingerie, Sleep & Swimwear, Women Sports & Gym Wear, Women Accessories, Maternity Wear, Men Accessories & Artificial Jewellery)4%4%4%4%
Electronic Devices & Accessories Audio, IOT, Storage, Mobile Protection, Power bank, Rest of Mobile Accessories, Personal Health Care, Camera, Gaming & Tablet, Desktop5%5%5%5%
Large Appliances ( Television, Refrigerators, Washing Machines & Air Conditioner)4%4%4%4%
Small Home Appliances( Air Cooler, Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Hand Blender, Electric Cooker, Mixer Grinder, Electric Kettle, Microwave etc..)8%8%8%8%
Books & General Merchandise (Auto Accessory, Toys, Personal Care, Books & Media, Baby Care, Sports)5%4%5%4%
Home (Home Decor ,Home Furnishing ,Home Improvement ,Household Supplies ,Kitchen & Dining ,Kitchen, Cookware, Pet Supplies ,Tools & Hardware)5%4%5%4%
All Mobile Phones ( Except Infinix Smart HD)1%1%1%1%
Infinix Smart HD0%0%0%0%
Gemstones, Gold & Silver Coins0.1%0.1%0.1%0.1%
Flipkart Gift Card0%0%0%0%
Flipkart Affiliate comission on Different categories



Platforms to promote Flipkart affiliate products ( Traffic )

After, Selecting a niche now you need to promote the products this is the most important point of affiliate marketing most of the newbie do mistake there they join affiliate program sharing their affiliate links to WhatsApp group, Facebook group, commenting on other YouTube videos, and they didn’t get any sale or maybe get few sales.

So What the right strategy for doing Flipkart affiliate marketing first of all you need to make an audience to doing long term affiliate marketing You can start your youtube channel, you can start your blog, you can make an affiliate Website this is the three best ways to make your audience for long term affiliate marketing.

This Three best platforms youtube , blogging and website it may takes some times to get your first sale it can take upto 3 months to get your first sale its actually depend on your work and your content.

Two secrets tips for best affiliate marketing

  1. Consistency
  2. Content

Consistency – You should maintain consistency to be a successful affiliate marketer, if you writing blogs you should decide the time that I wrote a blog daily or maybe write two blogs a day or I write 3 blogs a day same for youtube also, consistency not means you should write a blog or upload a video every day, you just fix that much much content you produce in a week or day.

For example, I uploaded 2 videos every week on my channel, so I should upload 2 videos every week to get more views and generate more revenue from affiliate marketing.

Content – maybe you have heard content is the king, yes it’s actually 100% correct, if you produce good content you will get good traffic and more sales, at the first time maybe you get fewer views and only a few sales but day by day you should focus on your content to get better ranking and to get more traffic.

My Earnings and strategy

I was doing affiliate marketing using two platforms I have to make an affiliate website and one youtube channel based on my niche, where I was helping people to find the best laptops according to their need and I am producing very little content only 3 videos and 2 blogs in a month still I earn good money from Flipkart affiliate.

My flipkart affiliate payment proof

More Factors

There are many more factors like keyword research, backlinks, content optimization, internal linking, and more. we will cover all topics in our next article, I hope this article helps you.

Please comment below what’s the your opinion on this article. Thankyou