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How to run google ads

what is google ads

Google AIDS Simply is an advertisement that is used to promote your product or to promote any Service which you want to promote. With the help of Google AIDS, you can find your niche audience which is searching for your product.

AIDS basically can be seen on many different platforms such as when you watching YouTube videos, or when you are visiting a website, then you get to see Google ads. The best part is that your money is deducted only when someone clicks on your ad And Google will only sell your product to your targeted audience.

How does google ads works

Website owner first gets Google ads approved in his website so that Google can show ad in his website, then the person who wants to run his ad, then he gives money to Google to run his ad, then Google shows that ad in that place or website that the ad is related to or the user who is searching about it will see that ad

for example:- If I am running an ad on a mobile phone, then only the person who is searching about it or whose website will be related to that product will see the ad.

so the advantage of this is that your ad is not showing to any unnecessary people, due to which your money is not wasted.

Types of google ads

There are 8 types of google ads here which have their own different uses. in this blog you will learn about all this ads.

  • Search ad
  • Display ad
  • Shopping ad
  • Video ad
  • Application ad
  • Local ad
  • Smart ad
  • Discovery ad

Search ad

Search ad is used when you want to rank your website like it can be anything to get your website ranked like you want to generate more sales or you want to generate leads or whether you want to generate traffic You can use search ad according to you.

Display ad

A display ad means to show an image or a small video of your ad in the place where it is being searched or displayed on a website that is related to that product.

For example:- If I am providing a free course for example, then my ad will show where the words are used according to my course.

Shopping ad

If you are a retailer and are selling your product through eCommerce websites, but Your product is coming to the last page and you want to bring your product to a number first, then the shopping ad is for you. You can show your product on the front page by shopping ad by which you will get help in getting a good sale.

Video ad

Video ad means to display your ad through video, as we all know that when you watch a video in YouTube, the ad appears in a video form before the video starts, that video is called ad You can show on YouTube as well as many other platforms, so these ads are also run by Google ads and they are also very effective.

Application ad

In an application ad, you see an ad in an image or video form called an application ad, in this ad also you can run your ad anywhere as per your choice.

Local ad

Local ad means location ad if you want to bring your customers to your Facial location then you use this ad
For example, if a person has cells and is registered in Google Map, then if someone searches for the best cells in Delhi or any other particular place then his shop will show on the first number with the help of a location ad.

Steps to run google ads

How to create google search ads

Step 1:- Sign up in your Google AIDS account.

If your account is not created and you want to create then (click here)

Step 2:- Select the option new campaign.

Step 3:- Select an option which you want to do for your website i.e. lead generate, sales, etc.

Step 4:- Select the “search” option.

Step 5:- Decide your goal whether you want a “website visit” or something else.

Step 6:- Set up conversion tracking. Converting tracking helps to track your ad that how many people are clicking on your ad, how effective your ad is running, you get all these reports by tracking.

How to set up conversion tracking (click here)

Step 7:- Name your campaign.

Step 8:- This option is optional, you can choose according to you (not recommended).

by selecting this option, Google will show your ad on other search-related websites and apps as well.

Step 9:- click on “show more setting” option

  • Fill up start and end date (not recommended)

Step 10:- select your location.

Step 11:- select language (recommended select all languages).

Step 12:- Then select your niche audiences.

Step 13:- Select your budget as much as you want to spend in a day.

Step 14:- Set how much you can pay for per click.

Step 15:-

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